When I get really tired, I tend to forget things. My Mom can always tell when I am overly tired during one of our nightly phone calls when I forget certain words. I will say something along the lines of “….and then I spilled it on the..THING… You know – it is in the kitchen and it gets hot and you make food on it.” My Mom will quietly supply the word I am looking for (in this case, oven) and our conversation will continue.

Last night was a super-tired night for me. I THINK I got through our conversation without forgetting any words, but as soon as I was off the phone I thought: I better blog before I forget.

Then I woke up this morning and thought: I didn’t blog last night!

So this is my first NaBloPoMo fail. Oh well, if I had posted last night, it is likely the post would have read something like: Today I was at the THING with WHATSHERNAME and we were talking about the THING…..

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