More that draws us together…

Tonite I had the opportunity to see John Michael Talbot in concert. Talbot is a Catholic singer/songwriter. He lives in a hermitage in the States and travels the world bringing his music and ministry to those who will listen.

Talbot is kind of strange looking (like a Catholic version of Albus Dumbledore) and has a funny way about him (giggling at his own jokes and letting us know he was joking by doing this odd open-mouth-smile move). He often made me laugh out loud, but in a way that sprung from being delighted by his character and spirit as much as amused by his joking.

There might be much that seperates he and I – he goes about in a robe (I only wear mine for an hour on Sundays), he has long hair and a longer beard (I don’t have a beard, Thank God, and my hair is on the short side), he is Roman Catholic (I am Presbyterian). We differ in age, gender, religious background, country of origin, and theological leanings.

But what I most enjoyed as I had the chance to hear him share some music, thoughts and prayers this evening, was the fact that there was more that draws us together than separates us. Because in the end, the thing that draws us together is the desire to be a follower of Jesus and to share the hope we have found in Jesus with others. And that outweighs all the other stuff.

It is good to have spent an evening in worship with Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, and to have been reminded what matters the most.

Take a moment to check out one of his videos here.


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