One month to go!

It is officially one month until Christmas. My trees are not up yet and my shopping hasn’t even begun. But that is ok. There is time for all of that.
This Christmas I want to be sure that it doesn’t all rush past. I want to take the time to breathe and the time to think deeply about all the things that the Season will bring. I want to remember that the world is a different and better place because God cared enough to step out of heaven and come as a defenseless baby. I want to remember that on my worst day, when it is clear that I am utterly, fallibly human, Jesus knows just what it is like.

And I want to focus on things like peace, joy, love, hope, and faith. Heavenly things. I want to share those things with others who need them. Normal, broken people.

I want to take time with friends and family. I want to bake cookies and sip peppermint mochas at Starbucks.

I want to wish you every joy that faith brings.

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