It is finished!


My second tree is up! This is the one with all the memories. In the picture above I’ve share a few of my favourites. The chickadee belonged to my Nanna and every year when I hang it, I think of her and remember Christmases spent with her. The red shoe is one of many shoe ornaments that have been given to me as gifts over the years. The pig angel dates back to my high school days and was a gift from my folks. The Elvis-Stitch was a gift from my friend Luke who loves Disney even more than I do, and knows that Stitch is my favourite Disney character.

This tree is full of memories – some of them even outside of the span of my lifetime. One of the last thing I hung on the tree was a series of glass balls that my parents bought on Boxing Day their first Christmas together. They are fragile and light and someday they may all be broken, but for now, every time I unpack and hang them I remember that I am just a part of a bigger story.

And that always reminds me that we are all part of God’s big story. And that is always a good thing to remember.

One thought on “It is finished!

  1. This is hilarious! I wrote a very similar post for tomorrow. There are pictures of ornaments and everything! We’re on the same wavelength today. Must be the season or something! 🙂

    Love the tree! It’s perfect!!!

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