This has only happened to me one other time on my morning walk on the path. This morning the underpass to Williams Parkway was completely flooded. I am not surprised, as it rained hard for much of yesterday (and though you cannot tell from the picture, it was lightly snowing when I snapped this).

Sometimes the way you want to go is blocked. And you cannot pass. You have choices to make – go another way, turn around and go back home. But whatever you choose, it is clear that the way you thought you’d go just is not going to work. My walking partner and I turned around and went back home at this point in our walk. It shortened our walk by about 10 minutes, but since we walk for more than an hour, that’s not a big deal.

In ‘real life’, the choice isn’t always so easy. And I wonder if I should turn around and walk back home or whether another way will become clear. I don’t know at this point. I’d love to wrap up this post with some pithy and neat comment. But instead I think I must leave it hanging. Because I don’t have the answers. And I am not the saviour of the world.

(Don’t worry too much, dear readers, I am often given to a little too much melodrama when I am tired!)