A new obsession!

So a while back – like, in October – I noticed a post on facebook that said someone had “pinned” something that I had posted using “Pinterest.” I decided to investigate. Turns out, there is a website called Pinterest.com which allows you to ‘pin’ things from all over the internet. The idea is that you make different ‘boards’ according to different subjects (pets, crafts, recipes, etc.) and when you see something you like, you ‘pin’ it to these ‘boards.’

That way, when you sign in to Pinterest, you can see the things that you pinned. Typically your board will have a picture of your choosing and when you click on that picture it will lead you through to the original website (so if you had pinned, for example, an idea of a holiday wreath, clicking on the image of said wreath would take you to either the tutorial to make the wreath, or the place you might buy the wreath, depending on the source).

For the longest time, I didn’t do anything with Pinterest, but then a week or two ago, I got sick. And I was feeling rather grumpy and a little cabin-fever-ish, since I hadn’t been outside very much. I decided to spend some time exploring on Pinterest. So began my obsession.

You see, other pinners can follow you and you can follow them. You can also go to the main page, or pages based on categories and see the sort of things that other pinners have pinned. I have found a tonne of recipes I want to try, knitting patterns I long to knit, ideas for gifts, ideas for Christmas decorating, inspiring quotations/sayings, and the list goes on.

I spent one evening while I was sick looking at Wedding boards that people had put together. I’m not in a relationship, no where near getting married, but my goodness, I itched to make a wedding board. Just because there were SUCH beautiful things to see and imagine.

If you are interested in an invite to Pinterest, just send me a message with your email address. I’d be happy to send one along. Happy pinning, y’all!

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