Tomorrow marks the official final day of my time off after Christmas. And as I sit down to blog tonite, it has just hit me how quickly the past several weeks have gone. That probably means I’ve been having a great time – because time always goes quickly when you are having fun – but it also kind of freaks me out.

At the Catalyst conference this past October, our theme was “Be Present.” And we focused on the idea that whatever we were doing, whatever was happening, God had called us to this time and place. It is vital, therefore, that we be present – that we do not allow ourselves to sleepwalk (or speedwalk!) through life. I manage that sometimes. But all of a sudden I find myself stopping on a day like today and thinking – wait a second…where did the time go?

As this time away wraps up and I head back to my normal routine, I just need to take a moment to remind myself to be present. That is all.