A day of rest…

Fridays are always my day off. But usually, it’s a really busy day for me. I get up, get out for a walk, get a couple of things done around the house, and then travel to spend time with friends in Oshawa.

But this weekend, I decided I just needed to take some time for me. As anyone who reads this blog regularly will know – I’ve had two colds in the last month. I’ve been a little run down and tired. I have needed a break.

Today was that break. I got up at the usual time, got out for an hour-long walk with Koski and a friend. And then…I did nothing.

All. Day. Long.

Ok – not nothing. I watched TV, I read my book, I played on the internet, I walked Koski again, I ate. So not nothing – but nothing of real significance. I didn’t drive anywhere. I didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything. No one had any expectations of me, and I didn’t have anything that had to be checked off my list. It was kind of glorious.

When God made the world, he rested on the 7th day. And if you study how Jesus did his ministry – he spent time with people, and then he withdrew from the crowds to pray and spend time with his Father. I think in both of those things there are hints to how we are made – we are made to have a day of rest.

Life is busy, but I hope you can find time in the midst of it all for the rest you need.

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