After what feels like endless weeks of grey weather (though I’m sure it hasn’t been that long), we finally had a gorgeous, perfect, beautiful sunny day today.

The picture above was the view on the path as I took a second walk with Koski this afternoon. There is something about a day like this after such a long period of dull grey days, that lifts the spirit. It is like a revelation. I thought of a quote from The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien as I walked this afternoon:

‘A great Shadow has departed,’ said Gandalf,
and then he laughed, and the sound was like music,
or like water in parched land.

That is exactly what today was like. And I am struck by the thought of how fleeting these times are. Who knows when the next perfectly blue sky will come? Maybe tomorrow – maybe not for weeks. A day like this is a gift from God, and it ought to be enjoyed and experienced to the fullest.

So I am glad that I got out for almost two full hours of walking today. I am glad that I got to feel the sun on my face and to stare up at that perfect blue sky.

I hope God gifts us with an abundance of days like this. And I hope I am never too busy, too jaded, or too wrapped up in myself to treasure the simple pleasure of a sunny day.

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