I had more than one conversation with more than one colleague today about various transitions we are going through.

For me, my body is in transition as I work toward my goal weight (I am trying not to grumble about the current plateau). My church is in transition as we welcome the Rev. Dr. Bob Spencer as an interim minister and as we continue to search for a new lead minister. My finances are in transition as I work toward a savings goal and a debt reduction goal.

Even the weather is in transition – this winter it has been almost a daily transition from spring to winter to spring again. But in the past week I have noticed the sun feeling a little stronger on my skin and the daylight lasting a little longer (we are only 4 Sundays away from the Spring Forward time change, yay!).

It occurs to me that everything in our world is in a state of transition all the time. Things don’t last. Not to be too maudlin, but from the day we are born we begin to die.

And I guess that is why I love Jesus so much. Because he doesn’t change. He is outside of time, impervious to its slow decay (except, of course, for that 33 year period when he submitted himself to it). He is eternal and the relationship we have with him, if we choose to have a relationship with him, is eternal.

What he offers us – on going life in the Kingdom of God, peace, hope, redemption, love…I could go on – is eternal.

In a world that is always changing and decaying, I find soul-deep comfort in the eternal nature of Jesus.

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