Counting more blessings…

I have a couple of different ideas for a blog rolling around in my brain pan right now, but I also have a headache rolling around in there. So I thought I’d do a short post tonite and give gratitude to God for some good things in my life (I believe this is a good way to deal with pain, whether physical, spiritual or emotional).

Today I am thankful for:

-having spent some time with my buddy Luke (we ate, talked, walked and watched all 3 extended edition Lord of the Rings movies). Luke has been an excellent friend for a lotta years, and I am blessed to get to spend time with him.

-good food. I picked up some oranges (for cheap!) at Sobey’s on Saturday and I am just burning my way through them. Also on the menu the last couple of days: awesome butternut squash soup, potato turkey saute, steak, eggplant and pineapple on the BBQ. Yummy.

-my health/my body. I was on the stability ball today, and I realised how able my body is (and becoming more so all the time), and how good my health is…and I couldn’t have said that this time last year. It’s good to stop and be thankful for that even as I continue to transform.

-a holiday Monday. Say what you will about family day, I am always glad for a break. And today’s break from the normal routine has been greatly appreciated.

-a good place to work, live and sleep. (They are not all the same place!) I love my church and the work I get to do with them. I love the house, the neighborhood and the city in which I live. This is a great thing – and since ministers go where ever the call leads them, it’s not always the case. I love my bedroom. I just gave it a major cleaning and did some decluttering, and that has reminded me once again how much I love it.

-companionship. Between friends, family, chosen family and the animals in my life, I have a lot to be thankful for – and that’s before you count the constant companionship of the triune God of the Universe.

These are some ‘big’ or maybe ‘general’ blessings…I think I will have to think about and come up with some random little things for which I can thank God this week.

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