It has been several days since I last blogged. That is because shortly after my last post, the stomach flu hit me hard. It had a one-two punch: nausea and diarrhea.

This week has mostly passed in a blur of stomach pain, strange sleeping patterns and days when I didn’t make it out of my pj’s. From what I hear, there were at least 7 other victims in my congregation. Goodness. What a week!

But I have been reminded of some great lessons this week:

1) Community is important, especially when the chips are down. After my initial moment of illness, I texted a trusted elder in the church because I knew she would let the appropriate people know that I was home sick for the next couple of days. She not only did that, she also supplied me with ginger ale and soup, and offered to pick up anything else I might need. Her kindness was echoed by many others in my congregation and it truly warmed my heart.

2) There ain’t nothin’ like family. My Mom, upon hearing I was sick, immediately offered to come and take care of me. No small thing, since it is about a 2.5 hr drive. As the week wore on and I continued to feel ill, she stopped offering and just made up her mind to come. When you are sick, there is nothing like your Mommy to make you feel better.

3) A dog is a wonderful companion. Koski was the best this week. I couldn’t take her out for our daily walks, but she never complained. She curled up close to me on the couch for most of the week. And I know I saw genuine concern in her eyes more than once.

4) I am blessed beyond what I deserve. Even when feeling rotten, there are so many good things for which to be thankful. First and foremost that this was just a passing illness. Not fun, for sure, but also not something that will keep me down for long. And then beyond that – more things than I could count. Little things like a comfy couch and a good book with which to pass the week. And big things, like the three I have mentioned above.

5) Even in this, God is with me. I had friends who offered their prayers this week, and that kept me thinking about God’s presence. It kept me thinking about the fact that though I felt cut off from most of my regular activities and relationships, I cannot go anywhere that He is not with me.

I hope your week has been easier than mine. And I hope you will take a moment and think about the lessons this week has taught you.

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