Processed isn’t good, Part 2…

So I went to bed last night and fell asleep quickly, and only when I awoke this morning did I realize I forgot to blog! Ack! This is why I fear taking time off from such things…once I’m out of habit it gets too easy to stay that way.

However, I already have an idea for tomorrow’s post, so here’s hoping I am back in the habit after a few days.

In my last post I wrote about my journey away from processed foods towards whole foods. The post got a little lengthy an included my recipe for black bean soup. But even as I published it, I felt it wasn’t finished. Because the reality is, it’s not just in regards to food that I have a “processed isn’t good” mantra.

I think anything that isn’t authentic isn’t really good for us. Whether it is synthetic food, synthetic clothing, synthetic art or (most importantly) synthetic relationships. I think God calls us to authenticity and simplicity.

We are called to be true to each other and true to the world that God created. Is it any surprise that when we interfere with food (process it), it becomes less nourishing to our bodies? God already created what we need to sustain life. And we cannot improve upon what God has created – at least, not without serious consequences.

In Jesus, God showed us what humanity was meant to be. What it meant to love without agenda, to live in peace, joy, patience, kindness, self control, and gentleness. Jesus is the “blue print” for a human that lives an un-processed life. Jesus is authentic in his relationship with God, with others, with the work he came to do, with his own emotions. And I believe that is why faith in him is so life-giving and life-changing.

When we enter into relationship with God through his only begotten Son, we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit’s “job” to lead us into a more authentic life. It is the Spirit who guides us towards the ways of Jesus and away from the ways of sin. As we become more like Jesus, we begin to live a less-processed life. We begin to live more authentically, just like Jesus did.

Now, that does not mean it all happens at once. I can attest that it takes time and baby-steps and a whole lot of failures to become more like Jesus. And I am nowhere NEAR a finished product, yet. Sometimes I have it together in one area of my life, only to realize I’ve regressed in a whole other area.

Still. I believe that the Holy Spirit is at work in me. And I believe that is for the good. And I am thankful.



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