Losing an hour or gaining some light?


So tonite is the time change. This is the one most of us don’t like. We feel like we are losing an hour’s sleep. I am pretty sure there will be a lot of complaining over the next few days as we all adjust to our Spring schedule.

Personally, I am kind of stoked for the time change. Because of the weight loss I have been through, I have really been feeling the cold this winter. And it has not been a particularly cold winter. Nonetheless, I have found myself bothered by the winter months in a way I never have been before.

So I have been longing for this change. I have been longing for the extra hours of daylight and the warmer temperatures that will be headed our way.

All of the seasons have something that makes them special and beloved to me. Summer means long days, lots of time to walk and life moving at a slower pace. Fall means brilliant colours, thanksgiving and my birthday. Winter is all about Christmas and the joy of celebrating Jesus birth. And Spring…Spring means Easter, crocuses, robins, longer days, the first blush of warm weather and above all – new life. Grass beginning to green and leaves beginning to sprout. Eggs hatching and litters being born. The world (or at least my corner of it) waking up from its winter slumber and remembering what it is to breathe deep and feel alive.

For most of my life I would have said that fall was my favorite season. But I think some things are changing and Spring is becoming my favorite.

Maybe that is because I believe in a God who is all about new life. Resurrection. Hope.

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