A little more on discipleship…

We did a little more on discipleship tonite at our Wednesday night study. What struck me as we discussed what it means to be a disciple – one who learns how to live from Jesus – was that it’s really about wanting. It’s not about doing the right things and checking them off your list. It’s about WANTING to do the right things because you know it brings joy to your Father in Heaven. But also because as you do those things, you learn that they are wise ways to live (Jesus, after all, knew what he was talking about!).

One member of our group talked about the daily paper delivery at her house. The paper guy just drops the paper at the end of their long driveway and so this lady has to walk out in the cold/wet/rain/whatever in the morning to get her paper. But recently she’s been finding the paper right beside the door. The thing is, this only happens on mornings when her son has to take the bus. So she figured out that he had begun doing this little chore to help her out. And she was deeply touched by his thoughtfulness. Not because it was some huge problem for her to get the paper on her own, but because his decision (on his own, totally unprompted) speaks to the love he has for her as his mom.

THAT is what God wants of us. Not some laundry list of “I’m a good Christian if I do these 18 things,” but a heart that longs to please him. A heart that loves him deeply and is moved to show that love through a million little actions. A heart that loves God the way that Jesus did – to the point where he was willing to lay down his life to accomplish God’s goals.

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