One year ago…

Today I had the opportunity to hang out with a good friend who I don’t get to see all that often (we totally need to change that, because she’s awesome!). And I was driving her to her parents’ place at the end of the day, we realized that we hung out on Palm Sunday last year. We were chatting about what we had done that day – one thing was that we hit McDonald’s for lunch. And she said, “Wow, I bet that was the last time you had McDonald’s.” I replied “Yeah, I bet it was, because it was during Holy Week that I started Weight Watchers.”

In the interest of full disclosure – I have had a McFlurry since then, but only once that I can think of…and definitely no full meals at McD’s.

After dropping her off, I drove home thinking about what a difference a year has made.

So many things in my life are different from this time last year – not the least of which is the transformation that my body and lifestyle have undergone. Sometimes it is good to just sit back and look at the journey you’ve been on. And to realize that in all of the changes that have come, God was there pouring out his mercy and grace upon you.

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