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I have never really struggled with believing that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. But as a child, teenager and young adult I absolutely struggled with Communion. I didn’t really understand why we did this thing with the bread and wine (ahem, grape juice). I didn’t know what I was supposed to think or feel and so a lot of the time I didn’t feel much of anything, and I thought I must not be a very good follower of Jesus.

In my years in seminary, this gradually changed. I came across a couple of different explanations about the Lord’s Supper that helped me understand it better. I began to feel myself drawing close to Christ at the table.

Maundy (from the Latin for ‘mandate’ or ‘to command’…a reference to Christ’s commandment that we do this in remembrance of him) Thursday began to be a treasured celebration of the Last Supper and the first Communion. I love that on the very night he was betrayed Jesus gathered with his friends for dinner…even with Judas who would betray him in a very little time.

That’s the kind of saviour I find it easy to love.