This morning I received an email from Catalyst – the leadership conference I attended last October. It was an awesome two days of ‘drinking from the firehose’ as different church and business leaders poured their wisdom into 6000 gathered church leaders. So it is perhaps no surprise that I smile every time I see a Catalyst email in my inbox.

This one came with a video promo for this year’s Catalyst even in Atlanta in October. I purchased my ticket within days of arriving back home last year.

I have watched the video at least four times today. Each time I have been reminded of the lessons learned and the experiences had at last year’s event. I am so excited to get to go again this year.  Check out the video, and I’m sure you will understand my excitement. By the way – the band whose song is featured in the vid is called Seryn and they opened last year’s event. You can see them in this clip – look for the dude with the long red beard and the chick with blond dreads playing the violin!



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