One of the things Catalyst does well, is engage its attendees on many levels. There are highly intellectual speakers who deliver a tonne of information in a short talk. There are highly charismatic leaders, who bring emotions bubbling to the surface through the power of their words. There is good (LOUD!) music, and art and and amazing things to experience (this year, there was literally a beat-boxing cellist. SERIOUSLY!).

And emceeing through all of the inspirational, exciting, eye-opening presentations, are Tripp and Tyler. They’re a sketch comedy duo, and their job is to make the conference fun. They mock some of the speakers (this year, there was a segment where they had an Andy Stanley doll, a Craig Groeschel doll, a Francis Chan doll and a Rob Bell doll…I was just about in tears, I was laughing so hard!), they do give-aways and they make announcements to keep us informed of all that is happening at the conference.

But what they are really there to do, is to make the attendees laugh. Because there is joy in following Jesus. When you live life knowing that you are deeply and profoundly loved, it is easy to laugh. We should be able to laugh at ourselves (there are a lot of denominational jokes!) and experience joy together.

So to make you laugh, here is Tripp and Tyler’s wrap-up video:


2 thoughts on “Laughter….

  1. Thank You and Good Morning Rebekah:-) Just got home from ”’Doctor ( flu shots and lung X-rays) and appreciated the laughter.Bless Your HeartLove Eleanor Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 03:01:35 +0000 To:

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