Fear vs. Faith


I am pretty tired right now and more than a little thick-headed. It seems I’ve managed to pick up my first cold of the season. I am hopeful that with enough rest (and perhaps a few prayers from those who read my blogs), I will be in the mend by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I have been thinking a lot about fear vs. faith. I love the above saying, because I believe it to be true. Personally, I find it easier to be fearful than bold or full of faith. I know this about myself, and so I am constantly battling my tendency towards fear. I battle it by reminding myself of what the Bible says and what I have experienced of God’s power in my life. I battle it by singing songs of praise and being in community with others who share my faith. I battle of by feeding my faith rather than my fear.

Sometimes the battle against fear goes well and I find myself amazed at the strength God gives me. Other times I find myself feeding my fear, and I need the reminder that there isn’t room for both fear and faith in my mind/heart/spirit.

Church can be tough. I love my church, but we are far from perfect. We make mistakes and we face difficult circumstances.

But we are called to be people of faith not people of fear.

So may you find new ways each day to feed your faith. May you know that there is not room for both to reside in you. May you tap into the Source of all hope and find that through Him your faith is growing and your fear is failing.

One thought on “Fear vs. Faith

  1. Good Evening Dear Rebekah and a million THANKS for this timely encouragement on” Fear vs. Faith”. This week has been one of those off and on ; little fear and Huge Faith. I constantly talk to my Friend The Holy Spirit who lives in me saying thank you; remembering “11Timothy 1:7 FOR GOD HAS NOT GIVEN ME THE SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER AND OF LOVE AND OF A SOUND MIND. Colds are not a good help in these times so Rebekah I Pray you feel HIS Healing Touch ln your body even now; “He Touched Me. Oh He touched me And Oh the Joy that fills my soul. Something happened and now I know He touch me and made me whole” Amen Love, Eleanor Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 02:14:14 +0000 To: maejmcbride@live.ca

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