Gratitude challenge…

Today the staff of Cairn camps, our Synod’s camping ministry, came to lead worship. This is always a really fun service. I love the spirit of freedom in a Cairn service.

We were challenged today by Chantal Jackson, co-director of Cairn, to take time for gratitude. She challenged us to come up with 5 gratitudes for this day, 3 things we are proud of this day, and 2 goals for tomorrow.

So here I go:

1) A church that is ALIVE in which to lead, worship and grow in faith
2) Hugs – I get a lot of hugs on a Sunday morning and I LOVE IT!
3) The warm puppy-girl who is curled up on my legs at this moment (Koski rocks!)
4) The kind of relationship I have with my Mom – we talk every day and I am blessed by her wisdom and insight
5) Nourishing food in my fridge – especially the tomato soup, so YUM!

1) I had to deliver difficult news to the congregation today and then pray over those affected. I totally broke down, but I am proud that I was able to pray through that and care for my community of faith in this time of grief.
2) After a stressful situation I REALLY wanted to eat everything that is not part of my current cleanse eating plan. I didn’t. I stuck to it even though I was emotionally outta whack. Super-proud of that.
3) I’m proud that I took some time for myself this afternoon. I needed it, and I was kind enough to myself to take the time I needed.

1) To speak kindly and yet truthfully in all situations. I think if I do that I will be honoring Jesus in every conversation.
2) To keep to my cleanse until it is finished (Wednesday) and then cut out or drastically reduce my intake of sugar and grains.

What about you?

One thought on “Gratitude challenge…

  1. Good Monday Morning Rebekah:-) Bless You for your Goal Keeping and Blessings for Today, Tuesday and Wednesday. Praise The LORD for HIS WILL POWER. NOw my turn.Have a GoOD Week.Love Eleanor. Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 03:26:51 +0000 To:

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