Travelling – especially flying – is never easy on me. I admire people who enjoy the process of flying. But for me, all I feel is frightened and massively out of control.

Having said that, I made a deal with myself many years ago, that I would never allow my fear of flying stop me from having great experiences when opportunity came my way.

And so, right this minute, I find myself on a flight to Tel Aviv. In about another 8 hrs, I will land in a country that I have never been to before. But it is a country that has greatly shaped my life. It is where Jesus was born. Where he grew up, where he taught, where he laid down his life and where he took it up again on the third day. His teachings, his life, his death and his resurrection are the foundation of my faith – this thing inside of me that is a gift from God – the thing that drives me into ministry, which is also a gift.

Because of my fear and anxiety, I haven’t been able to enter into the excitement of this trip. I knew it was coming. Every day that passed was another day closer to our departure. But until this moment – as we cruise thousands of feet above the surface of the Earth – I haven’t been able to be excited about the experience I am about to have. Now the time of anxiety has ended (white wine and milk chocolate may have something to do with that), and anticipation has begun.

Now I wait hopefully, longingly, for this flight to end and the true excursion to begin. I know many of you have said many prayers for me and I am so deeply thankful for that. I pray now, that this experience would be one that deeply feeds my spiritual journey – that I would be filled up with the Spirit so that when I return home I might be poured out for the church that I serve.

Let the journey begin, friends!