Silent Saturday…

The gospels are silent about the Saturday of Holy Week. No words were written to tell us what the disciples thought or felt, what they did or didn’t do. I’ve always felt that this Saturday feels like the whole world is holding it’s breath. Waiting, expectant, ready for Sunday.

But of course, it wasn’t that way for the disciples. They didn’t know what the end would be. They didn’t know that the best was yet to come. They didn’t know that their tears of sadness would be turned to tears of joy.

It must have been terrible. But here’s the thing – even in the midst of their despair or fear or dismay, God was still God. God was still in control. Still loving. Still healing. Still God.

Sometimes God is silent. But this silent Saturday reminds us that no matter how silent God may be, God never stops being God.

So if you are in a moment in your journey of faith in which you cannot hear God, in which you might feel like maybe God isn’t there – be at ease. God is still God. And Sunday is coming.

When I am in a place where I cannot hear God, I am always comforted by this song by my favorite singer/songwriter, Andrew Peterson. May it be a comfort and a blessing to you, on this silent Saturday.

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