And it begins…

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.
Proverbs‬ ‭16‬:‭3‬ NIV

I always knew this tour of Israel would be different from the last one. For one thing – I am one of the people leading this group of pilgrims. Geoff is leading as well and as in all things to do with St. Andrew’s, I am deeply thankful to be part of a team instead of “the sole person in charge.” We also have an amazing guide, Aarhon (who has already impressed us all with his knowledge) and a bus driver, Benny (the bus drivers are my heroes – they can maneuver those vehicles along winding roads and into tight spots that would give me nightmares!).

But the thing that really makes this trip different, is the group of pilgrims that have gathered to have this experience together. Some are family (Hi, Mom and Dad), some are friends, some are members of St. A’s and some were complete strangers a few short hours ago.

I have to admit, what I have enjoyed most about today is seeing the look of awe in my Father’s eyes as we came to places he has spent more than 40 years preaching about, but never before laid eyes upon. His jaw dropped when he saw the little “creek” that is known as the Jordan River. He got choked up upon seeing Pontius Pilate’s name carved in stone. He gazed in amazement as we caught the first glimpse of the Sea of Galilee.

To be able to share this experience with my Dad – who has also, always, been my spiritual parent as well as my biological parent – is treading on truly holy ground. What a blessing. What a dream come true. What a gift from God.




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