I’ve taken a few days off from blogging as the dreaded jet lag and the last dregs of the cold I’ve been battling got the better of me. I find I write at night and the reality is that the past few nights sleep caught up with me too quickly! I’m going to trust that the rest I’ve taken was what I needed and was it’s own holy observance.

Today I feel blessed – sometimes in the life of faith we get used to all the good things that God brings our way and we kind of forget how blessed we are. It’s nice to be reminded.

It’s nice when that reminder comes from something that happened in your community of faith that you didn’t make happen – when you are blessed by the efforts of another leader. Today while I was preaching and leading worship with Geoff, our youth – under the leadership of one of our sustaining elders who has taught that age group faithfully for many years – were making an art installation.

They used Kraft paper and made a giant name-of-Jesus covering for the window in the youth room in our Christian Education wing. Coming home from another engagement this afternoon, I could see the letters from one of the upper windows in my house.

This is what it looks like on the inside:

The light shines in the darkness, my friends, and the darkness cannot put it out.

This Lent, may you know that you are blessed. May the name of Jesus show up in unexpected and beautiful ways in your life. May you continue to journey in His light.

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