Through Him…

When God wants to show his love for us, he sends a part of himself. His son. One of the persons of the Trinity.

And God does this not just so we can learn from him, experience him, converse with him – God does this so that we can LIVE through him.

You see, if you want to know what life is meant to be, it takes following Jesus. It takes asking Jesus to be a part of every day, every moment, every decision, every dream, every hope, every battle and every victory in your life. It takes a lifelong journey of learning and growing and being transformed by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Some days that will be an easy journey. Some days making Jesus part of your whole life will come naturally as your next breath. And other days, you may wonder if you ever really knew Him at all. You may wonder if he’s really there.

But then – every journey has its ups and downs.

What I’ve learned at this point in my journey, is to always keep going. Keep seeking Him. Keep trusting Him. Keep learning from Him.

Through him, I find my life. Over and over and over again. And every shadow that comes, every “down” part of the journey, is only a passing thing.

That’s why it matters that this baby was born in Bethlehem. Because God was showing his love to the world by sending his son, so that we might live through him.

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