I admit, I find it amusing that this is the verse of the day on my Bible app today.

The 2018 Olympics are drawing to a close in Pyeongchang, South Korea. For the past two weeks the world has watched as the best of the best in the world of winter athletics have pushed harder, gone faster, jumped higher and stretched themselves beyond what anyone thought was possible. It’s been beautiful and uplifting and frustrating and heartbreaking.

As with every Olympiad, some rose to the expectations that were placed upon then before the games began. Some fell far short. And some came from obscurity to capture international attention and Olympic glory.

I’ve loved the Olympics for many years now. I love the stories that come with the games. And my favorite stories aren’t necessarily results-based. I love the kids who are there for the first time; I love the competitors who are honoring parents or loved ones; I love the moments of kindness when one athlete helps another out.

It’s only in the past few years, though, that I have learned to love physical exercise myself. For most of my life I was sedentary. And then I began to work on my weight and my health. I began to lift weights. I began to do cardio. And over time, with great effort, I discovered that I like working out. I like being stronger today than I was yesterday. I love pushing myself and expanding my limits.

These are good things and they’ve brought greater health – physically, mentally, and I would argue, spiritually – to my life.

But I know that pursuit of godliness, pursuit of a stronger relationship with my Creator, Saviour, and Sustainer, matters so much more. As Reggie Joiner says, the only thing that will matter about any of us 100 years from now will be our relationship with God.

It matters in this life, and it will carry us through to the next.

This Lent, may you pursue godliness. May you draw closer to the One who created you, the One who laid His life down to save you, and the One who upholds you. May you know that such pursuit brings you blessings, now and forever.

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