Silver linings…

There’s an old saying that every cloud has a silver lining – it’s a way of saying that every difficult situation brings some good as well.

For me, time change Sunday is difficult. It messes with my routine, and I’m a creature of routine. I’m not alone in this – the evidence is that the time change effects many people and may even be a dangerous tradition. The Weather Network reports that there is an increase in traffic accidents immediately following the onset of Daylight Savings.

It’s a small thing, in some ways, and I’m fortunate that – at least so far in my life – it’s been nothing more than a nuisance for me.

Difficulties are like that – some are small nuisances and some are bigger or more serious. Some are absolutely life changing. But I’m taken with this idea that in every difficulty there is a blessing to be found. It gives me hope. It gives me the determination to face my difficulties knowing that something good can come out of them.

The silver lining to the small nuisance of Daylight Savings time, is that the evenings are suddenly longer. This evening, Koski and I were able to get out for a good hour-long walk. It was good for our bodies, and I know it was good for my soul.

This Lent, may you look for silver linings on the clouds in your life. May you not fear, but know God is with you. May you feel His strength and help, for He holds you in the palm of his hand.

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