It’s coming…

It’s almost here. In fact, it begins tomorrow.

Holy Week: in which we observe and remember the last days, hours and moments of Jesus’ earthly life.

It’s both a beautiful remembrance and a time of real stress for my colleagues and I. We have more services to prepare this week. More messages to write. More expectations to meet.

For some, this robs the week of its spirituality, of its grace, of its celebration. I understand how that happens. But I also fight against it.

I am, first and foremost, a fellow followers of The Way. Even as I seek to lead others into His presence – I, too, want to see Jesus.

So for myself and for my colleagues I offer the following verse to sustain us in the days to come. What we do, is never by our own merit or strength friends. It is simply the flow of God’s endless mercy and grace.

2 thoughts on “It’s coming…

  1. I know our Lord and Savior will carry and sustain you through this holiest of Holy weeks. Blessings !!

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