In remembrance…

Our Lenten journey is drawing to its end. In the next few days, all over the world, brothers and sisters in Christ will observe the final days of Jesus’ life.

Some will gather at a table and share bread and wine, remembering that it calls to mind his blood shed for us and his body broken for us. Some will sit silently keeping prayerful watch throughout the night. Some will walk the path that Jesus walked through Jerusalem as he carried the cross to Calvary. Some will recreate that walk in their own context. Some will sing mournful songs and weep bitter tears.

In whatever way we go about it, Jesus is the focus of our observances this week. He is center stage, and though what he goes through is difficult to witness, we dare not look away.

For he goes through all of it for us. Every moment of pain, every mocking word, every lonely step. He goes for you and for me.

So that we could never say that we had been unloved. So that the distance between our Creator and ourselves – the distance brought into being by our sin – would be closed forever. So that death and sin could no longer have any power over us. So that we would be forgiven. Utterly. Completely. Evermore.

We dare not look away.

This we do in remembrance of Him.

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