Risen, indeed…

So here’s the thing: I’m not a morning person. I’ve seen a number of sunrises in my life, but given the option I’d prefer a sunset any day. I admire people who rise early and get a start on the day, but I’m not one of them.

And yet, my alarm went off at 5:30am today. I got dressed, got breakfast into my dog and headed out the door with the things I needed to make it through the morning. I arrived at the church by 6:20am and was climbing the hill in Centennial Park by 6:30am. The moon was still up, and bright, though the eastern sky was glowing with pre-dawn light.

It was cold, and there was a bitter wind that made it colder. But as we gathered and as we began to read the story, as we sung the Easter hymns and the sun shone on the faces of those in attendance – it was worth it. It was not only beautiful, it was holy.

To be there. To be together. To be proclaiming what the followers of Jesus have been proclaiming since that very first resurrection morning more than two thousand years ago: Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!

And that was just the beginning of day.

A wonderful (much warmer and also holy) service took place at Graceview at 10:30am. Complete with a flower cross and a presentation by the children. The music was beautiful, the fellowship warm, and thinking on it many hours later – I just cannot stop smiling.

Once the service was over, my friends and I stopped by my condo to pick up my dog and my luggage. Then we road-tripped out to my parents’ place where we shared a glorious turkey dinner, lots of laughs, and time spent with family (chosen and blood).

I am blessed. This entire day has been blessed. All because He is risen!

The Lenten season has come to a close, the Easter season (50 days after Resurrection Sunday) has begun!

2 thoughts on “Risen, indeed…

  1. First time in 20 years I missed the sunrise service. I know how special it is and appreciate the pictures.

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