Common bond…

“My heart is steadfast, O God, my family will heart is steadfast. I will sing and make melody.” Psalms‬ ‭57:7‬ ‭NRSV‬‬

Last night we had the distinct pleasure of performing with the Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir.

In one of the pieces composed by our resident composer (and all around awesome friend), James Brown, are the words, “then meet we as one common brotherhood of peace and love.” As the Great Lakes Touring Chorus, and as the choirs we come from (Brampton Festival Singers, Headwaters Concert Choir, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Brampton Choir), we often feel this way about each other. We have travelled together, we have worked hard to make beautiful music, we have been exhausted together, we have gathered at table together, we have laughed and talked and just generally gotten to know and love each other well.

We had not met The Cardiff Park Arms Male Choir until last evening. And yet, as we made music together, as we admired each other’s performance, as we shared the stage and the nerves and the joy – we became one common brotherhood of peace and love and music (as our wonderful emcee put it).

Then, we all went out to the local pub for more fellowship, story telling, some singing and a night that none of us wanted to let end.

Music is truly a gift from God – able to cross barriers of time and place and culture, able to bring us together in a common bond.

(Sorry no photos! Too busy enjoying the experience!)

2 thoughts on “Common bond…

  1. Your choirs should tour Ontario-The men’s turn to travel then we too could be Blessed with your message through music. Continue to enjoy !!!

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