But the Lord reigns forever,

executing judgment from his throne.

He will judge the world with justice

and rule the nations with fairness.

The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed,

a refuge in times of trouble.

Psalms‬ ‭9:7-9‬ ‭NLT‬‬

The last two posts of my blog have at least mentioned judgement – it occurred to me that if you read them both, you might think I am saying conflicting things.

In the first post (which is really just an image with a scripture verse), God’s judgements help us learn righteousness. In the second, Jesus didn’t come into the world to judge it, but to save it.

So does God judge or not? Am I contradicting myself here?

As I thought about this, it occurred to me that the problem with judgement is a very human one. When humans judge, we do it from a limited perspective. We find it easy to get it wrong. We don’t know everything, and cannot know everything, about what we are judging.

God, however, is not limited in time, or in knowledge, or in righteousness. God is the good judge – the one who knows it all and gets it right every time.

God judges, as the Psalm says, with justice and fairness. Yet God remains the refuge for those in need.

This Advent, may you not judge others, but leave that up to the One who judges with justice and fairness. May you trust the One who knows it all. May you find refuge in Him.

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