I fell asleep before I could get a blog written for Maundy Thursday. But that is ok. At Graceview we observe Maundy Thursday – the night of the Last Supper – and Good Friday in the same service.

We read through the entire narrative, beginning with the Last Supper and continuing until Jesus breathes his last. We take communion by intimation and at the end of the sermon, everyone gets up and comes to the cross. Last year we placed cards at the foot of the cross. This year, we brought crosses made from the palm branches we had waved on Palm Sunday.

We remembered that we are to weep for the disease of sin that made it necessary for Jesus to sacrifice himself to save us. Jesus is the remedy for our sin. Though his suffering tears at our hearts, we cannot regret what He did for us. We can only regret what we’ve done.

By his winds we are healed. Through his death we are given new and eternal life. Because he bore our sins in his body on the cross, we are forgiven.

Thanks be to Jesus. Thanks be to God.

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