In the mess, part 4…

The thing about life is that it’s never 100% one way or the other. In times of grief, we still find moments of laughter. In times of stress, we are still able to experience peace. And in a season that’s feeling a little out-of-step, a little “off,” a little bit of a mess, it is still possible to celebrate, to find joy, to feel the special spirit of this glorious season.

Tonight was one of those moments for me. I attended the Let There Be Music choir’s Christmas concert. This has been a joyful experience for the three advent seasons in which I have served at Graceviews Presbyterian Church in Etobicoke. One of our elders is the director for this choir made up of about 70-80 senior citizens, our organist/choir director is the pianist, and a number of Graceview members sing in the choir. It is amazing to see the joy that these people have in singing together.

But this year was extra-special to me. I volunteered to put together the slides to be projected on the screen throughout the concert, and then to run them during the concert. This task appealed to my creative side, and there was something extra special about being in the booth, contributing to the overall experience.

It was a marvelous night – full of song and laughter and praise. Those times come, even in the mess.

This advent may you cherish the moment that shine extra-bright. May you know the joy of proposing the Lord. May you know – in the depths of your soul – why God is worthy of your praise!

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