Something to make you grin…

So yes, the days are a bit boring and the news grows ever grimmer. It grows hard to know what to even say. But then someone sends you something that makes you laugh, or reminds you that the world is bigger and wider than your isolation and solitude. This video was sent to me by a couple of the faithful at Graceview. So I’m sharing it with you!

It may just seem like a bit of light-hearted fun. But actually this song makes a great point. Did you know what the psalmist says:

I actually love this time of year. This is the time of year when the cardinals are singing. When you hear them, if you know their call, you can actually see them in the tops of trees, because the leaves aren’t out yet. Cardinals (despite their bright flashy red colour) are incredibly shy birds. Usually they hide in the foliage. But right now, they don’t have leaves to hide them. I used to make a game of seeing how many I could spot on a morning walk with Koski.

This is the time of year when birdsong at the breaking of the dawn begins to be heard again. My current accommodations (a condo on the 17th floor) doesn’t lend itself to hearing that birdsong.But when I lived in the manse in Brampton, I would be woken up by the sound of the birds singing. And I always sort of skirted the line between being annoyed by being woken up early (I’m so not a morning person!), and finding myself waking with a grin at this early sign of Spring.

My Dad taught me to hear birdsong as the creature praising the creator. I love that idea, even now it brings a smile to my face. I hope that you hear birdsong in the days to come. I hope it reminds you of a God who is bigger than our current storm. I hope it makes you grin.

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