Small victories and resources for tomorrow…

In the midst of pandemic and quarantine and all the uncertainty that surrounds us, it’s important to recognize the small victories. Today my small victories are that I’m feeling less weepy than I did yesterday – I watched the vigil for Nova Scotia last night, and I found it meaningful, emotional, and imparting of some measure of closure over the tragedy that took place there

The other small victory today is that I got out for a run this afternoon. Just two miles (though I walked another half mile beyond that), and I was slow. But I feel like this is a new beginning after a few weeks of the weather and my own energy levels making it impossible for me to go for a run.

These are small things, on the one hand, but as I prepared this blog I came across a verse in Zephaniah that says (in essence, this is an accepted paraphrase by scholars, because the original wording is cumbersome):

What are your small victories? They may be for this day, for this week or for the last 5 minutes. Recognize your victories as they come!

Tomorrow, we will gather (separately, in our own homes, through the gift of technology) in worship, once again. I love the thought that we are redefining what it means to gather. That we are figuring out ways of showing our solidarity, even while keeping our physical difference.

In anticipation of our worship, I wanted to share some resources with you.

First, this wonderful FREE resource from

These videos of my friends Shelagh Tyreman and Rob Hennig singing a couple of familiar pieces from our hymnbook. I particularly love Rob providing percussion on the first piece, with a jar of dried lentils!

#484 The Church is Wherever God’s people…
#376 Shine Jesus Shine

Until tomorrow dear friends, celebrate the small victories, and know that they aren’t small in God’s eyes. He delights to see the work begin!

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