The creatives…

In the midst of quarantine and pandemic, with all the difficult news that has come at us – flooding in Fort Mac; the shooting in Nova Scotia; the loss of military service members in the helicopter crash off the coast of Greece – it has truly been a gift to see the creatives stepping up in amazing ways.

I’ve shared on my blog before about John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” youtube show. (And if you follow me on Facebook, you know I start my Monday mornings with a coffee and an ugly cry while watching that week’s episode.)

But there are seriously so many beautiful things being done to lift spirits and encourage others.

The makers are making things better. And when they are doing their creative thing – whatever that may be – they are reflections of God. God is the ultimate creator and when humans engage in creating beautiful things, they are in the image of God. (That’s not the only way to be in the image of God – I don’t want any non-creative people feeling left out. You might be in the image of God by being kind, or generous, or honest, or by spreading peace and joy and love!)

I want to share with you just a couple of the creative endeavours that have brought me some joy.

First, Dominique Grant – a Toronto-born singer and songwriter, wrote “Till We See the Sun” and sung it to her neighbourhood about a month. It got a lot of attention in our city, as people shared the footage. Today, she released this video of the song, made by people all over the world contributing a bit of footage of themselves.

Subscribe to Domanique Grant here.

And second, Kurt Tocci makes short videos that are incredibly fun and creative. He’s done a couple in which he dressed up as different Disney characters and re-wrote the lyrics of their songs to be quarantine-related. And today he posted an “Avengers in Quarantine” video. So fun and funny!

Subscribe to Kurt Tocci here.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, find ways to be in the image of God. Be kind, be generous, be honest, be creative. Be BLESSED!

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