Worship resources…

It’s become my practice on Saturdays, to post some extra worship resources, in the hope that these things will be a blessing to you as we prepare to gather in worship (in the comfort of our own homes) tomorrow. Tomorrow’s worship will have a twist to it – so these things don’t have too much to do with tomorrow’s “some assembly required” service. But nonetheless, they are meaningful and offered to lift your spirits on this day or in the days to come.

First, this FREE reflection on selected verses of Psalm 31 from the good folk at illustratedministry.com – they continue to put together family worship resources each week during this crisis. These resources are great for kids, but I think also meaningful for adults!

This lovely version of Siyahamba/We are Marching from my friends Shelagh and Rob, who are “singin’ in the kitchen,” again!

And for something different, just because it’s too beautiful to not share, this short film of the cherry blossoms at High Park (thanks to Graceview Elder, Maureen Screen, for sharing this!):

Until tomorrow, dear friends, please know that God is with you, each and every moment.

2 thoughts on “Worship resources…

    1. I mean, yes – but also, I’m so encouraged by the beautiful ways people are figuring out how to use technology to provide the things we used to experience in person.

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