Praying thank you…

I found this in my travels on social media, recently:

Now, you could get into theological arguments about whether this is true. And there are probably arguments on either side. But, I admit I like the spirit of it. Maybe I’m naive to think so, but I assume if you’re praying “Thank You,” you are engaging your faith in God. However you might define or describe God, the impulse to say thank you suggests that there is someONE to thank, and that you understand something of the richness of the gifts you’ve been given.

One of the thing that sometimes breaks my heart as a faith leader is the difficulty that congregants express in knowing how to pray. People feel that they have to be perfectly eloquent in their prayers. Or that there are “right” words to say and “wrong” words to say. They think that they need flowery language, or to never have an awkward pause in the midst of their prayer.

We put too much pressure on ourselves!

God just wants us to talk to him. About our heartbreaks, about our joys, about the things for which we need to thank him, about the things for which we need to ask his help.

He’s not worried about our eloquence or whether we lose our words at times. He cares where our hearts are at and that we want to communicate with him.

So friends, be encouraged. Say thank you to God often. Trust that he knows what you’re trying to say, even when you can’t figure it out yourself.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, I leave you with this song by Andrew Peterson, which asks that great question – don’t you want to thank someone for this?:

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