The waiting…

I came across this a while back:

And it got me thinking about the fact that God sometimes places us in a season of waiting. It’s not necessarily a comfortable place for us. Maybe you’re like me: used to the instantaneous nature of modern life in a first word country, and usually annoyed when things are not instantaneous. (Just ask yourself how loud you groan when Netflix starts buffering!)

Theres a great scene in the film, “Almost Famous,” in which a reporter gushes about the new technology called a facsimile machine. It’s able to send a page in 12 minutes!

Today, that’s an eternity. I get annoyed if it takes a website more than 3 seconds to load. In the last few decades, as technology has advanced at breakneck speeds, we’ve gotten really bad at waiting.

But the Bible teaches that waiting on God is a good thing. That God is at work in our time of waiting, accomplishing things in us and in the world around us, that need time to develeop.

Today, I found this on my facebook feed:

I don’t know what God is doing in this season of waiting that we are all in. I don’t know what God is doing in ME, and I certainly don’t know what God is doing in you! But the thought that God is at work, that God will use even this difficult season for good in the end, is incredibly helpful to me.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you wait on the Lord, and trust that He is at work – in you, and in our world as whole.

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