Time for some gratitudes!

Be a rebel with me, today, friends! Let’s count some blessings, some gratitudes. Let’s say three as my theological side always feels better when we do the Trinitarian thing.

  1. I am so deeply grateful for the blessing of my friend, The Janet. She has faithfully “met” with me (over the phone) every Wednesday since all this began. I can’t tell you how much her insight, encouragement and friendship have meant to me since our Seminary days, but even more acutely during these quarantine days. I don’t know how I would preach without having talked through the scripture with her first.
  2. I am grateful for new music coming this Friday by the country band Old Dominion. I got to know their music through a friend of mine, Tracey. In January and February, I got to see them live (once in Florida, once in Toronto). During the quarantine, they’ve been doing a Facebook Live every Tuesday night. Tuning in and giggling at their antics has become a joyful part of my quarantine routine. Their music isn’t spiritual (except that all music is spiritual!), but it’s a lot of fun. By clicking this link, you can watch a video of my favourite of their songs: Not Everything’s About You. New music is a gift, and I look forward to it!
  3. I’m grateful that the coyote Koski and I saw on our morning walk, passed us by with barely a glance. We’ve been walking later in the day or in the evening, but with the heat wave that Toronto has been dealing with in the last few days, we wanted to get our steps in before the day (and the pavement) became too hot for my sweet girl. It’s the first time I’ve seen a coyote in my own ‘hood, so it was a surprise and made me nervous. But I’m thankful that he wasn’t interested in us at all. Small blessing? Maybe. But felt pretty big to me as we started our day!

Now, it’s your turn, dear friends. Say them out loud, write them down, comment or email. I’d love to know your gratitudes, but more importantly, I’d love for you to give your thanks to the Lord! Until tomorrow – stay grateful!

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