Not quite there yet…

I came across this, and saved it to possibly include in a Meme Monday on the blog, but I didn’t want to throw it out there without much comment:

You see, I like that very much. But I know I don’t live up to it. I know I take offense when people wrong me (and even more when they wrong a friend or loved one). I know my first, emotional, response is to be angry, to say something careless, to want to lash out.

Sometimes – maybe even most of the time – I manage to keep quiet rather than saying the hurtful thing in return. But I really wish I was better at having wise and loving things to say in those moments.

And then I cam across this “Coffee with Jesus” from Radio Free Babylon:

And that made me feel a lot better (Jesus usually does!).

Part of being a ‘good Christian’ is knowing your own shortcomings. Knowing the ways and the places that that you’re ‘not there, yet.’ And being honest about them. With yourself, but also with Jesus! I am convinced that he loves it when we come to him, honestly and humbly, asking for help with our shortcomings.

Even more, I am convinced that He continues to work on us. To change our hearts. To give us opportunities to act differently. To continue to take steps with us along the road of faith.

So until tomorrow, dear friends, be encouraged. It IS a journey of faith. Sometimes we take steps forward, sometimes we take steps backward, and sometimes we stand in place for a while. But I believe we are all moving, in our own ways and at our own pace, towards Jesus, who leads us.

2 thoughts on “Not quite there yet…

  1. May God so richly Bless you and give you strength Rebekah to continue providing your wonderful thoughts which encourage us shut ins to keep moving forward with Him every day

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