This isn’t the post I wanted to write…

I had a plan for today’s post. I had a plan and a draft that I’d begun working on. But then, last night, the President of the United States of America used force to clear a peaceful protest so that he could pose for a picture. That sentence makes me feel sick to my stomach.

But it gets worse.

The picture was of him holding “a Bible” (his own words when he was asked if it was his Bible) in front of a church.

I can’t type those words without weeping. I am angry and I am disgusted, and I’m overwhelmed by a deep sorrow.

Michael Coren put word to much of what I am feeling in this article for MacLean’s.

I don’t have words.

So I will leave you with the words of Jesus, dear friends. May we all find ways to live up to them:

2 thoughts on “This isn’t the post I wanted to write…

  1. So well written especially in its brevity and succinctly aimed straight at the heart of all that was done so wrong by the horrible excuse of a man yesterday. A man who thinks he’s the greatest president ever. He’ll certainly be remembered but not as great in any complimentary way. It must hurt Christians everywhere to see him insult and belittle a place that means so much to so many. Here’s me an agnostic saying have faith but change is coming and it will be refreshing and renewing. Evil needs oxygen to survive and the time will come when evildoers will be the ones saying “I can’t breathe!”

    1. Thanks, Karen. I do believe that change is coming and that more people want to be part of the solution than part of the problem. I pray for constructive change and an end to the violence.

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