Tuesday’s post, on Friday…

I mentioned earlier in the week that I had a post planned for Tuesday that got knocked out of the way by the developments in the States. Today I am trying to re-work that post.

I read this during the weekend, and it made such sense to me:

So as last weekend went on, I was thinking: Maybe I’m advanced, or maybe it’s because as a minister you’re constantly working ahead (I think of and plan for Christmas before Halloween!), but I feel like I was in two, regression, last week and the week before, and am (slowly – one step forward, two steps back!) progressing to three, recovery, right now.

And then the USA started burning. And then the President pulled that photo-op stunt. And then the numbers of militarized police in the streets grew.

And I totally lost my footing. I had some bad days. Grieved. Worried. Feared for my friends in the USA, feared for my country and my city as the unrest grew.

I think that makes a good point. Sometimes we begin making steps forward. And then something in life comes along and knocks us down, sends us for a loop. And we have to find our footing again.

2020 has been a year of too many crises. The tensions between the USA and Iran, the fires in Australia, the onset of COVID-19, the murder of George Floyd in broad daylight, and the protests (and at times riots) that have erupted since then. 12 weeks ago when quarantine began in earnest, we talked about being in unprecedented times. Since then, the times have just become more and more and more and more (and MORE!) unprecedented.

And so today, I’m not going to offer a lot of solutions or anything along those lines. I just want us to sit with the unease of these days right now. To lament the loss of life. To lament the pain our world is in. To recognize that none of this is easy.

And let’s remember, that Jesus, too, cried out in pain:

And that wasn’t the end of His story. Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember that lament is necessary, but it is not the end of the story.

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