I’m so excited that one of my fave bands, NEEDTOBREATHE are releasing a new album in August. They’ve released three songs from it already. The latest, entitled “Survival” came out this week. You can listen to it here (and read the lyrics in the comments if you go to YouTube itself):

The line that jumps out at me, of course, is: “Jesus, come quickly, I need you for my survival.”

Have you ever had a moment like that? When you’re just calling out to Jesus because you’re not sure that you can hold on for one more minute?

Moments like that happen. And only people of faith really know what it is like to call on Jesus and find him, even in the midst of your turmoil and heartbreak.

There’s a line right before that one, that is pretty fantastic, too: “I am man in need of constant revival.” This is why our faith is a daily practice. Because we are all in constant need of revival.

Remember the very last thing Jesus said in the Gospel According to Matthew:

Dear friends, He is with us always – in every moment of joy and every moment of turmoil – to the very end of the age! Call on Him for your survival, but also for constant revival.

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