FAITH for these hard times…

Welcome to Sunday worship, friends! I am glad that you are here, and are taking the time to draw near to God right now. I encourage you to take part in all parts of the worship that are posted, it is good to sing, it is good to read scripture, it is good to pray. Even though it’s not the same as what we are able to do when we gather together, I do believe God is still with us. I believe God is still calling us to be the church.

Let’s begin with Eric’s prelude. Today he plays for us, Op.81, No.5, Stephen Heller:

A prayer of adoration and confession to bring us into God’s presence:

Our first hymn is #52 On Eagle’s Wings:

Sheila Thomas supplies our Scripture reading which is Romans 5:1-8:

Todays’ sermon is entitled, “FAITH for these hard times”:

Our final hymn today is #267 Rejoice, the Lord is King:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, hold fast to the promise, and consent to being loved, even while still unworthy!

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