Truest self…

If you’ve been following the blog recently, you know I’m very much anticipating a new album by NEEDTOBREATHE, one of my favourite bands.

In the midst of all that is going on in the world – whether virus, racism, or murder hornets – they continue to release songs in advance of the album, and talk about how this felt like a time when they needed to get the songs to their fans ASAP. I love that – because the band members understand how much their music means to people like me. People who might be feeling a little wear and worn and sad. People who need some inspirational music to help them along the way.

So today, they released a new song, but I also found this post from them on facebook (I recognize it’s from a few weeks ago, and references the higher tension those days were feeling around racism protests), and I thought it was just such a great testimony in the midst of these days:

“Giving our souls to the most important seat at the table,” is another way of saying ‘following Jesus, being on His mission.’ Saying that “humility is a gateway to love,” is another way of talking about the sacrificial life of Jesus, how his sacrifice reconciles us to God, and opens the gates of the purest love there is (God loving us with steadfast, endless, dedication).

The new song is entitled “Who am I,”:

You can preorder the new album Out of Body here.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep journeying towards your truest self – who God made you to be! And love others, just as God has loved you!

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