Worship Resources…

Here are a few things to help you prepare your hearts for worship tomorrow, my friends.

First, I want to start with this video posted by my friend Rob Hennig. You can argue that “What a Wonderful World” isn’t a worship song. But I’d fight ya! Do you not know that God sees all the beauty of what our world is and can be – even when it’s a mess? I hope so. Be filled with hope (I ugly cried at this one) as you listen:

I literally never know that this song had verses to it – I only knew the chorus. So I’m pleased to have found this to share with you. Here is Shane and Shane singing, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” (oh my goodness, those harmonies!!!!):

And a couple of thoughts, from a couple of great thinkers when it comes to worship:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep living every moment as an act of worship!

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