It’s personal…

So I came across this song on YouTube today:

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I love it! I remember listening to Andy Stanley preach – years ago…maybe a decade ago – and he was talking about faith and what changes in someone to make them a follower of Jesus.

He talked about how it becomes personal. In some way, any person of faith will tell you about the times when God showed up for them, personally. They will tell you stories of their “God moments.” That’s what this song is all about.

I encourage you to think about the times when God has showed up for you, personally. It could be something huge, or something small (I have a friend whose testimony is about being able to speak Spanish fluently when she and her husband were lost in Spain – she had taken a year of Spanish in High School, but this was many years after that and she had no idea how she was able to speak and to understand the person helping her.).

But thinking about your personal faith experiences does two thing – first, it strengthens your faith (retelling stories of God’s saving acts is a big part of the scriptures – because remembering and retelling these stories is powerful, important and formative.), second, it prepares for times when God might want you to share your testimony.

You never know when someone will begin a conversation that leads to you being able to share the stories of your personal God moments. But I believe that God does open those doors for us, especially when we are prepared with a story about “who You are to me,” that could change another’s life.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, know your story and be ready to share it. Then sit back and watch God open doors for you to talk about your faith.

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